始于1999 冬季,为I.T旗下最受本地年青男女欢迎的创作品牌, 更是为喜爱自我配搭的人仕而设。以casual chic为大方向的饰设计恰当运用每季的must-have 时装潮流元素,令设计更富独特品牌形象,是主流外一帖清凉剂。



  Established in winter 1999, is the original creation of local design and has always been the young trend-setters' favorite fashion label. In Fall 2002, Miss Maggie Cheung was teamed-up with as the Brand Image Creative Director, supported by Maggie's distinct fashion insight, has gained recognition by ˉmix and matchˇ individuals.

  Under the direction of ¨Casual chic〃,blends in every season's ˉmust-haveˇ elements with signature details of that brings each outfit its own character.

  Apart from the ˉcutting-edgeˇ designs, the seasonal ad campaign has receive great attention. Many Japanese models such as Ikeiuchi Hiroyuki, Kubotsuka Yousuke and Tsumabuki Satoshi who have appeared as our image model as a new face, has now become the hottest celebrities and fashion icons in both Japan and Hong Kong, which proves leads not only the fashion trend but also being the force of trend.

  offers men's and ladies' collection. For men, the collection consists the Basic Line and Trend Line. The Basic is a collection of denim and casual wear, which adorns the individual with his own styling by array of colours; while the Trend Line brings together the ˉhit itemsˇ of each season with inspiring style to show attitude of your own.

  For ladies, the collection is split into Casual and Jeans line. The Casual line carries basic items that provide comfort with style; while the Jeans line characterizes by an extensive use of denim and cotton fabric with prints that often brings surprises and inspirations to fashion connoisseur.

  With ever-growing popularity of the label, expansion does not limit to Hong Kong, the first shop in Malaysia was opened in Dec 2002. Up to date, there are more than 85 shops in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia to bring in casual yet stylish fashion to the young affluent in Asia.

  公司传真:00852-2237 6696
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