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  In the last five years, tag+ Jeans has established its place as a leading headliner in the premium denim marketplace. In a crowded arena that is constantly featuring new acts, tag+ has remained a permanent fixture by remaining loyal to its fashion, finish, and fit.

  Made here in the USA, tag+ uses top quality denim from the finest mills in Italy and Japan. The designers at tag+ understand a woman’s body, and have done extensive research to determine what their customer desires in a premium jean.

  The tag+ woman wears a jean that is luxuriously comfortable while not compromising any part of her figure.

  tag’s attention to detail makes any woman stand out in a crowd – she is both innovative and sophisticated - staying in vogue with the fashion of today and tomorrow.

  tag+ can be found in the closets of style mavens, celebrities, and fashion icons around the world. While trends come and go, women across the globe can count on tag+ season after season to produce a jean that looks amazing, fits like a glove, and is always in style.

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